We have only three important questions for you

• Do you want to go on a traveling tour that you will always remember?
• Do you want to fall in love with the Sea?
• Are you ready to see and feel the real Greece?
And if you said “yes” three times, let’s come together!
Welcome aboard our yacht!

Travel with us:


Probably, there is no other country in the world that has more ancient artifacts than Greece has. With an each new point of our route, you will learn more about the culture and discover plenty of beautiful places.


Our trip will last for two weeks! You may first think it’s not enough to see everything. But we can assure you that it is just perfect amount of time for yachting, because of its mobility.


During the trip we will visit 12 Greek islands and archipelagos. Not every tourist has such an amazing opportunity: to see them all, compare and choose a favorite island.


Aside from an overwhelming sense of freedom and romantic appeal, yachting offers a joy of watching the sun sinking into the ocean at dawn, feeling a spray of water and salty wind, experiencing the speed like never before.


Greece is washed by 5 different seas. Each sea is a character: Quiet and calm – Mediterranean, cool – Aegean, salty – Ionian, picturesque – Libyan, unpredictable – Cretan Sea. You will be amazed by their beauty.


An indispensable benefit of our trip is a chance to stay in the distance from other tourists. You can swim in clean and safe places and moreover – water temperature is always comfortable — 22 degrees in average.

О нас тизер
About Us
About Us

We are the «ILIOS». The Greek word «ήλιος» translates as «the sun» and has dozen meanings and interpretations, which fully respond to our worldview…

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Карта тизер

Our journey will take you to the Cycladic islands, Kea, Kyfnos, Syros, Mykonos, Naxos, Ios, Santorini, Anafi, then we sail to Crete, the cities of Agios Nikolaos and Heraklion.


Paul Nadezhkin

Has created and organized ILIOS SAILING.
He breathes the sea and loves Greece.
Very reliable captain and guide to the Greek world…

«My story began with a love of sea. When I was a child, I was spending every summer in a small town on coast of the Sea of Azov where I learned to hear the voice of the sea, to feel it, to breathe it … The sea is a living organism to me, I believe it is ancient and wise. I was waiting for every chance to meet it and missed my sea when I was far away from it.
I think I’ve been always connected to the sea. When I was born in St. Petersburg, which is connected to Europe by sea.

When I started boxing or when I chose to study architecture. Finally I am chief architect now and got my IYT certificate (International Yacht Training) to become a captain of the yacht. My friends and I started to explore seas: we sailed in Karelia, on the Black and Azov Seas, and in 2011 I met Greece. We went to Crete — it was love at first sight. This is how our story begins. Five years later I created ILIOS SAILING.

O sebe_volna i iakor` vnizu

Волная для Греция

«Ελλαδα σ’αγαπω!», «I love you, Greece!» — you can hear these love expressions in various languages. And here are the reasons:

When you come to Greece you instantly get drunk from the scents of the mountains, sea, olive groves and aniseed tinctures. You can easily lose you mind from the overflow of the Greek language, the cries of seagulls and the noise of coastal cities. You will be overwhelmed by the local architecture and natural beauties. Freedom, happiness and delight! When you learn Greece a bit better you will realize that it’s a true love.

We will go yachting to get you know Greece better! We will see purest bays with clear water, ancient cities that keep thousand-year history of Greece, several seas with different colors and characters. We will explore the paths that other travelers have never seen before!

Go on a Trip

Route 1 (1300euro)
Route 2 (950euro)
Route 3 (950euro)

The cost is per person for 2 weeks.
The price does not include visa fees, air tickets.

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